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Martial Arts Fitness for Teens and Adults in Upland, California!

Kick Your Workout Into High Gear

Are you looking for an alternative to boring workout routines? Need something fun and rewarding that will also teach you self-defense? Want to join a positive community of teens and/or adults who are committed to physical fitness? Join the Adults' Martial Arts Program at Red Dragon Karate of Upland, CA today! Our classes offer something you're not likely to get from other workout routines - a fun, fully-engaged mind-body experience! Take your eyes off the clock, get off that treadmill and join us!

Self-defense training has many practical benefits, including full-body fitness, a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, increased confidence, a fun social setting, and, of course, the ability to hold your own against an attacker.

All Inclusive Martial Arts Program

At Red Dragon Karate of Upland, CA our unique class structure enables us to provide the ideal mix of group class and one-on-one instruction that so many people need. Our instructors will work with you as fitness consultants and help you achieve the most out of your experience with us. We understand that every individual has a different relationship with martial arts and fitness, and we accommodate every need, age group and level of expertise.

Whether you want to lose some weight, whether you want to learn some amazing self-defense techniques, whether you want to be more active or whether you need to build or tone some muscle, our adult martial arts program is all-inclusive, comprehensive and action-packed. You will get into the best shape of your life, have an amazing time and come out of it packing a punch! Although there is never a need to inititate a fight, you will certainly be able to finish one.

Each of our world-class fitness and martial arts lessons consists of:
  • Initial warm-up routines and flexibility exercises
  • Conditioning routines to improve overall fitness
  • Cardiovascular exercises to improve stamina and health
  • Strength training to improve muscle mass and metabolism
  • Real-life martial arts training to help you hold your own against an attacker
  • Fitness techniques to help you train at home
  • Tons of fun!

Martial Arts Techniques

Our martial arts program combines the systematic body control of Jiu Jitsu with the striking capacity of karate and the throws and grappling techniques of Jiu Jitsu. While you may never need to use these techniques, it is important to know that they work and are based on martial arts traditions that are thousands of years old.
  • Systematic Control - Skills are based on learning to use your entire body as a weapon. You learn how to find and exploit your opponents weaknesses and come down hard to end a fight quickly. Learning to use this explosive power is quite a head rush, and it provides some of the most fun parts of the class!

  • Powerful Striking Prowess - The technical brilliance of karate is second to none, and you will learn how to strike an opponent with no wasted motion. Your elbows, knees, hands and feet will all become weapons, and you will learn how to fluidly evade attacks and land crippling blows. Whether you are interested in competition or simply self defense, karate is an important part of martial arts excellence.

  • Grappling and Throwing - If you get into a tussle with an attacker, you want to be able to handle yourself even if you are smaller or physically weaker. Our techniques use your attacker's force against him. These are very fun and empowering techniques to learn, especially for women, who are typically smaller than men. The Submission Grappling Program allows you to gain an advantage over any opponent no matter their size.

Try us out Today!

Our classes are designed by highly experienced instructors whose dedication and passion are infectious. If you're interested in trying us out, good news! Your first class is free! Our instructors encourage everyone to be the best person and martial artist they can be in the safe, friendly classroom environment. Call us today at 909-946-2667 and see for yourself!


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