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Would you like to know that your child can handle a bully the right way?

Bullying has become an epidemic in today's schools and communities. Bullies are mean, hurtful and occasionally they can be downright cruel.

Bullying is not only about physical confrontation, though movies and books may make it seem like that. There is more to bullying that a large child pushing a smaller child against the wall for lunch money. Kids are bullied in a variety of ways all across the country. Sometimes bullying is about mental, verbal or emotional intimidation, and oftentimes it is difficult for children to even see that they are being bullied.

If a bully targets your child, what should you do as a parent?

In our Bully Proof Workshop, your children will gain the necessary, age-appropriate skills to demonstrate self-confidence, behave positively and recognize / defuse any negative bullying situations before they start. We teach that self-confident communication and reasonable dialogue is the best way to handle bullying, but if reasonable solutions are not solving the problem, your children will learn how to defend themselves without causing or being caused any serious physical harm.

Bullying takes so many forms - mental, physical, verbal, emotional - and it is never right. It hurts the bully, the victim and the learning environment, but it can't be stopped with more bullying. Cruelty just causes more pain and harm. Our trained professional instructors will help you learn how to handle bullying appropriately!

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