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Isn't this what you've been looking for?? Get into the best shape of your life by burning 800-1000 calories of fat per class!

Change-up your fitness routine and start an EXTREME Kickboxing program that will Rock your World...

Is your current Exercise program not working as well as you expected? Not enough individual attention from the trainer?

It's time to try something new!!! Come and check out our EXTREME Kickboxing FITNESS Class. Red Dragon EXTREME Kickboxing Fitness of Upland, California's program is sure to give you the killer workout that you need to get into the best shape of your life and it's fun and taught by motivating and top-notch trainers as well.

Our EXTREME Kickboxing Fitness program blends a mixture of high-power exercise routines that strengthen the body and mind, decrease stress and hone reflexes while increasing endurance and cardiovascular, and sheer power. While kickboxing's roots are in full-contact fighting, it has found a safe and very effective niche in the fitness community. Red Dragon EXTREME Kickboxing Fitness of Upland, California is the leading facility for staying "in-the-know" for the most effective fitness techniques available, Call Today and Get started with a Trial Class 909-946-2667.

In class it's not just about burning fat and calories, you will also get an awesome resistance workout that will give you that firm body that you've been searching for. Our explosive program emphasizes footwork, body mechanics, punching and kicking give you the basic offensive and defensive techniques you need to defend yourself, while getting in shape at the same time. It's fun and challenging, and its a great way to reach all of your fitness goals. You'll also learn some self-defense skills and increase your overall confidence.

Call Today and Get started with a Trial Class 909-946-2667.


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