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Do you want your children to stay safe and practice good safety habits?

Are you aware that nearly four thousand non-family abductions are reported to police each year? These are just the abductions that are reported! Losing a child to an abduction is one of the scariest things for a parent.

There is nothing more precious than our children!

When attempting to keep kids safer in today's fast-paced, arguably more dangerous world, parents, guardians and other responsible adults often have a hard time figuring out the best things to do. Typically, parents used to simply warn their children to keep away from strangers. It is difficult for kids to grasp the fact that even trusted "strangers" may be dangerous; abduction perpetrators are often someone the child already knows. Instead, we work to build your child's confidence, self-control and discipline so he or she knows how to respond properly to any situation.

Is your child safe from abduction and any other unsafe situation? We are experts in kid safety, and we can give your child the knowledge, skills and tools he or she needs!

We offer kids' safety workshops as a contribution to the community! Our expertly trained instructors will provide you, your kids and your family with the knowledge you need to prevent abductions.

Call us right now at 909-946-2667! We can help you enroll in our next Kid Safety Workshop. This may be the best decision you ever make! We look forward to seeing you there!

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