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Red Dragon Karate Upland Kids Birthday Parties

Give your Kid a Kickin' Good Time!

The kids birthday parties we throw at Red Dragon Karate of Upland, CA are not your average celebration. They are, quite simply, the best party a kid can enjoy. We provide all the fun, food and, of course, fitness; all you have to provide is your child! We guarantee that your child and his or her guests will have a blast at the Red Dragon Karate of Upland, CA.

A Party Free from Stress

As a parent, you love doing things for your kids. You enjoy seeing them have a good time. But you know there's always going to be an aftermath when everybody leaves, the kitchen is a mess, and you're exhausted from entertaining 10+ exuberant children. Parties require work. So let us do all the work for you! We take care of every aspect of your child's karate birthday party, from set-up to entertainment to food preparation to food serving to clean-up at the end. All you have to do is show up.

Martial Arts Party

Our instructors will be the MCs and entertainers for your child's martial arts party. The birthday celebration will take place in the practice space, but unlike a normal karate practice, this class will consist of games and exhibitions of awesome moves. Your kid and his or her friends will learn how to do totally awesome things like break boards with their bare hands and other visually stunning martial arts tricks. Kids will play games involving martial arts techniques, and the birthday boy or girl will become an honorary assistant instructor for the day. The expert martial arts instructor will also show off cool moves that are sure to make all the party guests oooh and ahhh.

Birthday Food With a Special Slice

Once the special birthday class is over, we will serve your child and guests pizza and juice. Then we will bring out the cake, but this is no ordinary cake serving. The birthday boy or girl will get to hold an authentic Samurai sword and cut the birthday cake. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will make your child's jaw drop!

Give Your Child the Most Awesome Birthday Ever

We offer a wide variety of birthday packages and themes, and we will work with you if you would like a specialized party theme for your child's special day. Even if you aren't a member of Red Dragon Karate of Upland, CA, we still encourage you to host your child's next birthday with us.

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Kick'n Karate Birthday Party!
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